Meet Gulab Singh who performs stunts to promote patriotism
Gulab Singh gets the attention of youngsters by performing scooter stunts at various places.

Written by Sumedha Sharma

HE PERFORMS stunts and hoists the national flag to spread the message of patriotism amongst the youth of the country. Meet Gulab Singh, a 45-year-old from Jammu who dreams of seeing a strong and drug-free India. “I feel there is a need to educate the youth about the values of the national flag. Our youth is not aware of the struggles of our freedom fighters, and the sacrifices they made to get independence for us.” It also hurts Gulab Singh when he finds out that youngsters don’t know about the symbolism or significance of the national flag.

‘’We need to promote nationalism in a positive manner. Nationalism means being responsible towards your country, it doesn’t necessarily mean spreading hatred for other countries,” says Singh, who has been travelling widely to spread this message from 2015 onwards.

He gets the attention of youngsters by performing scooter stunts at various places. His most memorable feats, he says, were his performances at Government Senior High School, Sector 22, Chandigarh, and at Bengaluru last year. ‘’I dream of being given a chance to perform at the Rajpath either on the Republic Day or on the Independence Day,’’ he says.

When interacting with students, Singh makes it a point to tell them about the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle as well. “Say no to drugs and yes to exercise and fitness,” he says, adding that it’s also his endeavour to wean the youth away from the virtual world.

Gulab Singh was inspired to learn stunts on two-wheelers from the performances at Rajpath. “I thought if they can do it, why can’t I?’’ Singh makes it a point to spend an hour or two with students every day. As he says, he is on a mission, and time just flies.