An eight-year-old boy was injured after he was bitten by a stray dog on the premises of NRS Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata, following which there were protests demanding the authorities address the issue.

Hospital sources said the boy, Umar Sk Jolongi, was standing outside a medical shop with his mother Fulmati Bibi when a dog bit him. His relatives chased away the dog, after which he was given primary treatment.

The incident comes almost a month after the carcasses of 16 puppies were found on the hospital’s premises. Two nursing students who were purportedly caught on video thrashing two puppies on campus were later suspended by the state health department for 60 days.

Hospital authorities said they were yet to receive a complaint and added they have installed nets to prevent dogs from entering “important areas”. “ A new gate at the nursing hostel with a net on it has been installed as well,” said a hospital official.

On January 22, a five-year-old girl was injured after being bitten by a stray dog on the hospital premises.