Keith Sequeira Rochelle Rao Valentines Day
Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao participated in Bigg Boss 9 together. It further strengthened their relationship. (Photo: Rochelle Rao/ Instagram)

Power couple Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao will be celebrating their first marriage anniversary next month. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony, after dating for more than two years. Rochelle is currently part of The Kapil Sharma Show while Keith was last seen in Udaan.

The model-turned-actors met through common friends and instantly connected. Rochelle and Keith also participated in Bigg Boss 9 together. It further strengthened their relationship.

A day before Valentine’s Day, chatted with the loving couple on all things mushy and romantic.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Q: So it’s your first Valentine’s Day after marriage.

Keith: Yes, and that makes it even more special. Last year, we were planning our wedding during this time. So now that it’s done, we can take the opportunity to just enjoy each other’s company. We will be travelling to our home city Chennai for a mini-vacation.

Rochelle: Valentine’s Day is so much more comfortable after marriage. The pressure is off to impress. It has become more of an excuse to plan something together. Also, since it’s close to our wedding anniversary, we are sort of combining the two occasions.

Q: What does love mean to you?

Keith: People think of it as a feeling but that’s only the initial part. It’s a beautiful thing where you make an effort to walk together every day. One has to be patient when it’s uncomfortable, shower extra love when you fight. It’s never easy and has a lot of ups and downs. Love is all about honouring the choice you have made.

Q: When did you know Keith was the one for you?

Rochelle: It was when we were in the Bigg Boss house. I always felt that I need to date someone who is as talkative as me. But that resulted in extra drama. With Keith, I valued his many qualities. He was so patient and kind to people. I knew I needed him to have a balance in my life. I think there were many moments, but this was one of the most important one.

Q: How much has Rochelle changed as a wife?

Rochelle: I think I have become lazier.

Keith: Yes, a little. Also, now you leave more things around (laughs). On a serious note, it’s not about changes at all. She adds a lot of value to my life and enhances it further.

Q: It’s said that all sparks die after marriage. Is it true?

Keith: Marriage is definitely not all roses. But you need to know where the thorns are, and work on it. As for the spark, it doesn’t die but people kill it. Just because you are married doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate each other and make them feel good. And you don’t need a text book for that. Just take time to enjoy and value each other’s company.

Q: Being part of the entertainment industry, how do you both manage to spend quality time together?

Rochelle: Yes, it does get difficult. But we both have our coffee time every morning. Keith also makes amazing coffee. So spending time together, with our cats for company, every morning, makes a huge difference. We also try having one meal of the day together. Keith and I try to take efforts and bring our work and colleagues in each other’s life. It gets easier that way. It’s all about taking efforts for something that’s really important.

Q: Any Valentine’s Day tips for your fans?

Rochelle: Happy wife, happy life (laughs).

Keith: Yes to that. It’s also important to express love in your own way. Everyone has a different language of love.

Rochelle: Also, just relax and enjoy. Don’t start picking faults rather appreciate each other’s efforts.